Blogging Challenge Activity 4 – Global Events

Recently I was involved in world math day along with the rest of my class. It wasn’t new to me because I participated in it last year too. I remember people in my class who liked so much they would play it at home trying to rise their score as much as they could. I wasn’t addicted to it but for a math game it wasn’t bad, easy beats taking a math test. I’m not sure how well I did in the end, but I do remember I got first place quiet a few times.

Also this weekend I’ll be participating in Earth hour so I’ll update this post to talk about how that went. If you want to participate in the blogging challenge check it out at this Link .

My Earth Day wasn’t a very exciting one. I shut off all the lights and read a book in my room by candle light. I’m not very interested in books so after the first 2 chapters I passed out and woke up about 10:15. Yeah… not very exciting. But how did your earth day go, comment below with what you did, thanks.

earth hour

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Passion for Compassion

I find the idea of compassion slightly changes from person to person, but all agree it’s having a feeling for someone or something, I read an article that gave opinions on compassion mainly the Dalai Lamas but it also had the opinion of a seven year old named Isobel Williamso. Here’s the link to the article

My opinion on compassion is that it can be about a variety of things, but as humans we should have more of it for our fellow people and its lack of compassion that has started wars and created bullies. Compassion should be more common and we should have more towards others. We need to learn more about caring for others and stop being so selfish and only caring for ourselves. This isn’t going to happen overnight but eventually the world’s people might be full of compassion and the world will be better for it.

This is my thoughts on compassion. If you have any other thoughts or would like to add on please comment.

Your Blogging Experience.

          How’s your blogging experience so far? Mine could have been improved greatly by posting more commonly so I came up with the question above. If you choose to comment I would like you to add how your blogging experience has been, what are the ups and downs have you had and a link to your blog.

The Blogging Challenge


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Have you heard of the blogging challenge? It’s a challenge for students to help improve their blogs, it’s a good way to improve how you write your posts, you learn more features of edublogs you didn’t know before and information about the internet like attribution. Here’s a couple of examples of what I’ve learned from the Blogging challenge, I learned about a program called one day on earth, and did a project for it, how to write a better post and attribution.

Along with that the program helps bring you together with other students across the globe so you can improve on each others blogs. Here’s the link to the student blogging challenge -> why not try it out, it will help you become a better blog, and if you do tell me what you think.

Math Terms, More Important than you Thought.

                Do you know what division means? How about multiplication, digits or fraction? You might be wondering how knowing this will affect you, but it will A LOT.  Think of having no technology, not being able to build houses because you couldn’t get congruent dimensions, in fact you wouldn’t even know what congruent is. That’s what would happen without any math terms, no units to measure with, no way to find how many objects there is or anything.  It would be a hard life because we do math everyday with out even thinking about it, just looking at a clock and figuring out what time it is is math!


     It’s more important than that, because of how commonly its used and what for. Like everday millons of people go to stores and buy things but imagine not being able to figure out the total cost, also it ties in with other things in life. Next time your sitting in math class bored out of your mind just remeber where we would be without math terms.

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New Year, New Goals.

           It’s almost the New Year.  What comes with the New Year, New Year’s resolution. I’m going to make two goals for the New Year involving school, but first i’m going to tell you about how I’ve been doing so far.

So far… 

                         So far I’ve been doing pretty good in school with an mostly getting B’s and low A’s, not bad but If I tried my hardest I could probably do better. I’ve been on one sports team so far this year, the boys intermediate baseball, but I want to try to join more.

Goals and Improvements…

                I’ve got to goals for this year, to improve my marks to mostly A’s and join more sports teams. To improve my marks I will plan out the time I have for assignments better so I know how much work I have to do on each day and will be able to figure out when I finish, and also if I have a presentation I will plan out what I’m going to do like on my music presentation I asked the audience questions but because not many people put their hands up to answer the questions it made my presentation look bad my teacher Mr. Carson said, “I like how you asked questions to involve the audience. A good way to introduce your points. Suggestion – have a plan in place when people do not answer” . For athletics I will start to try out more often for the sports and give it my all so I can make it.

These are my goals for the New Year, to do better in school and join more sports teams. What do you plan on doing?

What do you Think?

               In your opinion how good is my blog so far? What makes it good, different or interesting to read, and how could I make it better? What do you think? Comment with your thoughts and opinions and I’ll try to improve my blog.

Brightening the Day.


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There are many ways to brighten some one’s day, you could help them pay for something, help them when they’re struggling or give money to the poor. These are all good deeds that will make people happy but out of all the easiest, most common and best way is just a smile. A smile an easy thing to do, a smile can brighten your day when the world seems to dark to live threw, a smile can make you feel better even when you’re not upset, and you know what else, smiles spread. When you smile at someone for no reason it will put a smile on their face, and they’ll smile at someone else putting a smile on their face and so on. The smiles will spread far and for doing something nice to brighten someone’s day something just as nice will happen to you when you’re feeling down.