Canadian Election Goes to the Conservatives.

On Monday may 2nd Canada had an election for Prime minister. Stephen Harper won and is still Prime Minister. Which if I think was the best choice. I found the NDP’s had really good ideas but needed plenty of money to do them making higher taxes. The Liberal’s had some good ideas as well like put $1000 into high school student education but to do that they’re raising taxes so in my opinion it’s kind of pointless, all it’s really doing is deciding where your money goes. Then there’s Bloc, they have environmentally friendly ideas like smart cars but their large objective is to separate Quebec from Canada, which I don’t agree with. So out of the parties I still found Conservative’s the best and I’m happy Stephen Harper’s still in control.

This is my opinion I’m open to others opinion’s  but this is mine. You are welcome to share your opinions in a comment, Thanks.

Up and Running.

upn and running

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I have been improving my blog lately adding more posts and fixing new ones. I have got some of the links working and by the end of the weekend everything will work. I would just like to make this post because a lot of things haven’t worked so now they’ll work so go back and re-look at some of the posts if you would like.

Blogging Challenge – Proud of What I’ve Done

This post is for the blogging challenge meme. If your interested check it out at this link

I’m proud of many of my accomplishments but the most recent was animation. I’ve explained this in my previous posts my school uses computers for every subject except gym and french, but one I really enjoyed was art. I always excelled at art with paper and pencil, paint or clay but this year I had a new experience with it. Animation work. I have created all the photos on my blog, but I have/can do much better. The first animation I did was of mario going threw a level and I did pretty good at it, but on Monday I went to this program that was like an enrichment class for it ( Jake S also went to this so you might want to check his blog out in the links to my class blogs).

At the place we did really good creating characters on paint but we failed when we had to transfer them to a program called toon boom. So in the end we didn’t do to good but it was an experience. Anyways that’s about it for what happened if you have any questions about what happened or any experiences please leave  a comment.

Feedback Needed!

I need feedback on my blog. Lately I have tried to improve it as much as I can but I need your help. So what do I need your help with? I would like possible topics for new posts, any errors in previous ones or posts I can expand on. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Warmth and Cooling

Warmth and Coolness

Have you ever wondered how your house manages to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer? What about other people around the world, how do they stay warm and cool? In science I read an article on heating and cooling and I learned a few things and how heating works that and why it’s needed that I found interesting. In case you don’t know much about the topic here’s the basics:

–          All living things need at least some heat to survive.

–          If an organism isn’t adapted to the amount of heat (too much or too little) they could die.

–          Different organisms have adapted in different ways to survive, some examples would be things such as birds flying south in winter, dogs panting, or humans creating clothes and heating devices like furnaces and air conditioners.

So now that you know some of the basics of heating and cooling now onto the things I learned from the text about how humans heat and cool buildings:

–          When people first started to develop ways to heat their house, originally using fireplaces for heat and shade and blinds to cool down, but a lot has changed since then.

–          In the 1900’s modern air conditioners were invented soon followed by furnaces.

–          Most houses now are built with a central heating systems and some have central air conditioners

–          When wood, coal and oil are burned they release gas and energy that can be toxic so they have to be removed from the building using a chimney.

After hearing all this it made me wonder how you, the reader heat and cool your house during summer and winter. If you would complete the survey below it would be much appreciated, after two weeks of results I’ll make a post saying what I discovered when people took the survey.

Take the survey threw this link

Blogging Challenge 5 – Attribution For Images.

Do you know what attribution is? It’s the credit you give for using someone’s work/quote/picture. In this post I’ll be focusing on attribution for image. So I’m guessing you know who to give attribution or quotes by putting it in quotes and then saying the “said” and the person who your quoting, but how do you do this for a image? I learned about this near the beginning of the year so to give attribution you put the image, then the website you got the image from or if you can the name of the person, but if you use a website like google to find the image you wouldn’t say image from google, would put the URL at the top of the page when you click on the image.

Aside from that one thing I didn’t know is that if you created the image or took it yourself you should also say that, and since every picture on my blog I created on paint or for the “Spring Weather” post took the photo with my IPod I will now add that in. What did you learn about attribution, what did you already know, Please comment with your thoughts.

Top 5

I’ve listed in my opinion what are the top 5 blogs for my age group (12), they are listed on the links and in this post I’ll tell you why I liked them.

In fifth place is , I found this blog to be really good for a blogger just starting, it took me about two months to get mine looking like that. Fourth place is , I found the background really unique for this blog and it had really descriptive posts. In third came , every single post was full of information,  and there’s plenty of them! Runner up is , all posts on this blog started with a greeting and made it so you wanted to read on. And in first place is, I found this blog really interesting because a lot of the topics for posts on the blog were about things I’m learning or learned about.

To make this clear I didn’t visit all 12 year old blog only most of them, If you have any different thoughts on which was best or want me to view your blog please comment, thanks.

top 5 blogs

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Spring Weather

I find it hard to believe it’s spring because there’s still snow on the ground! Now it’s finally starting to melt away but hopefully for good. March 31st and there’s still snow, but at the same time the sun’s shining and it’s fairly warm. I can’t wait for it to melt so I don’t have to wear a jacket or sweater anymore but clearly the weather doesn’t agree. Doesn’t feel much like an early spring more like a long winter. How’s the weather were you are? hopefully it’s better than here.

Photo Taken by – Me using an IPod.

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250 Visitors


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I have a big goal for visitors on my blog by the end of the year, I would like to have at least 250 visitors and 50 comments, I know for many people they’ve already passed that but I haven’t yet so I’m setting that as my goal. So if your reading this and you like my blog tell others to visit my blog or comment. Thanks